Up and Dusty, Not Down and Dirty

Like I mentioned yesterday, my sister and I decided in all our wisdom that we could replace the dropped ceiling in our basement.  We didn’t even research anything which is completely out of character for both of us. Why such a rash decision? Take a look at this:

Water Damage

Poop is raining from the ceiling

So we did what we do best. We handled it! She handled the removal of the original tiles while I wiped down the “angles, cross tees, and main tees” aka the metal slats that hold up the tiles. Here is my boyfriend and my sister “consulting” on how to get a particularly difficult tile down.

Serious Business

After cleaning off the nicotine stains as best I could (delicious), I hit those babies with two coats of Kilz primer with a tiny foam roller, the brush didn’t work so great.  Trust me when I say they needed it. Oh, you don’t trust me? Well take a look for yourself:


Love that attractive paneling, the color we painted over it is called Bone Folder by Martha Stewart. With sore arms and necks, we were starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Here is my sister installing the inaugural tile.

The beginning of a long road...

We thought that putting up the new, clean tiles would be pretting easy and we were very very wrong. For starters, make sure you are wearing a mask and safety glasses! This is one dusty project. If we even looked at a tile funny it send dust up our noses. We also learned that you should measure about 80 times before you put up a tile that needs to be cut to size.  Once you get the tile up in the ceiling and almost in place and you realize that is doesn’t fit quite right you are going to want to jump off the nearest cliff. Please don’t.

It was an incredibly dusty job, but it needed to be done. The basement is so much brighter! Between the new light bulbs, light covers, and ceiling tiles, there is no way you would know that we used to call the basement The Dungeon.

All(most) done!


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