Preparation Makes Perfect

This weekend I got a little cray. Please excuse me using the term “Cray.” It just comes out and I can’t stop myself. Describing my weekend as crazy was half-truth, half-lie. It was true because I tried something I’ve never done with very little research. It was a lie because I laid around like a lazy bum the rest of the time.

Ok, you want me to get to the point. This is what I started with:


Weird holes all over the walls in my house. We’ve lived with these holes and imperfections for over a year now. So why fix them now? Painting next month! All the roommates agreed so I thought I would get a jump on the prep.

I used Dap spackle that changes from pink when wet to white when dry. Exhibit A:


Then some light sanding with a sanding block and we were ship shape. It was very easy to do as a beginner so I would say don’t be afraid to tackle (or repair tackle marks) the walls of your home. I still need to go through the house and see what might still need patching, but the bulk of it is done.

This is going to be totally worth it when we get paint up on the walls, and new white paint on the trim. I get the feeling it’s going to be a huge transformation.


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