Katie Says Relax!

I’ve long been a fan of yoga pants. Pretty much since the day it seemed to be ok to wear them outside a yoga studio I rock them almost everyday at home. As far as my experience doing yoga…I had one class in high school as part of a World Religions course with a very VERY odd teacher. I decided to reserve my judgement for a later date when I had a normal yoga experience. So I wore my yoga pants and didn’t really give it much thought.

Until recently, that is. My wonderful (seriously) boss’s sister teaches a free yoga class every Tuesday and she pretty much demanded I go. I Love it. Yeah, capital L. Love. I have always had a tense body. I cramp up my shoulder all day without realizing it and I clench my teeth constantly.  This makes for some sore muscles.  So when I tried this yoga class I was blown away at how I could finally relax. The emphasis on breathing and a mantra is spectacular. I never sleep better than Tuesday nights.

Yoga makes me feel more relaxed, more in tune with my body and more flexible.

I did have some reservations before going to the class at first.  I imagined a classroom full of those women in gym commercials. You know the ones. Yoga pants and sports bras and tights abs and I am a far cry from that kind of woman. That couldn’t be further from the truth. There are all types in the class and the teacher is really accomodating to people who need to modify the poses. It doesn’t feel like a high pressure situation. 

Incredibly relaxing. Trust me, I needed it.

Do you do yoga? How do you relax?


2 thoughts on “Katie Says Relax!

  1. I love Yoga, its so relaxing and peaceful, maybe because of all the deep breathing? Either way, I totally understand where you’re coming from here.

    1. I wish more people would give it a try. It has really made a difference in the way I feel. Props to you for finding something that works for you!

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