I Love Lamp

I….I love lamp. I love lamp.

I love this lamp, specifically. 


I mentioned in this previous post that I had purchased a lamp on a trip to Goodwill.  Can we please all fall in love with this lamp because it’s a lamp of miracles?  It was purchased by its original owner over at Target for the (way out of my) price (range) of $69.99.  Lucky for you, it’s on sale now if you want it. It actually costs more with a different brand name. At Goodwill, I got it for the low LOW price of $24.99.  As soon as I saw it sitting forlornly on the floor, I knew I could save it.

Boxen in the woodsen

When my friend and I returned from our Goodwill trip to her apartment we decided to put it together and check it out….and then we found that in its journey from Target to me it lost its switch. Poor baby lamp. So I made many frustrating calls to Target customer service to get the manufacturer’s number. Mastercraft Lamps were much more helpful. They sent me a new switch pro bono. I popped that sucker on and bam! There was light!


If you notice in the photo that I have snazzy curtains, you would be correct. When we first moved in we had these aluminum (in color and in material) blinds that hurt my soul to look at. We also had some custom by my boyfriend’s mom lace curtains. They were very well made and weren’t displeasing.  The only problem is that I can’t stand having anything in my house that was there with the previous tenant. He was lackadaisical about cleanliness to put it lightly. So I took down the blinds and the men of the house were unhappy with the glare from the window on the tv. So they hung SHEETS up. Check it.


I was perturbed.  I went with my man to Target and together we chose some neutralish, textury long curtains. I decided to do 4 because most store-bought curtains aren’t wide enough to meet halfway across those windows and I think with the curtains placed where they are makes the windows look like a wall of windows. Keepin it classy, Chicago. What used to be a sad nook we didn’t know what to do with is now an officey book area with more luxe details. At least in my mind it is.




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