Hey guys, after taking a much needed yet hectic break for the holidays I’m back with a new post about the trials and tribulations of townhouse updating. I hope you all had a great few weeks, I know I did! I spent my new years day trying to figure this out:

I have been struggling to choose a paint color for my living room/stairwell/upstairs hallway for a while now. There are four different paint colors plastered on most of the walls in my living room that only force me to face my indecisiveness on a daily basis. I’m going for a light grayish blue. It’s the color you see on every wall in the show Best Friends Forever (canceled to my complete sadness). So the four colors I’ve brought home have run the gamut between cornflower to dusky blue and yet I’m not satisfied.

So I started polling all my guests and roommates to find out which would be the most pleasing to the eye. It resulted in a tie between Heavenly Blue and Dusky Blue. Check it.


I think we have come to a decision FINALLY. Mostly because the man of the house has such strong opinions about it. This is extremely rare. I am hoping his confidence is right because I am practically paralyzed with fear that I’ll pick the wrong color. 

Do you have an easy time making color decisions? Dusky or Heavenly?


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