Moving Right Along

The demo aspect of the bathroom complete, my aunt and I began the exciting process of tiling. Honestly, it was mostly all her. But I supervised. Ok, I was watching and handing her tools and I got to put a few tiles in and measured things. This is the point in the project where things have taken a sharp turn from “Hideous Pit of Nothing” to “Starting to Look Like a Real Room Again.” Lemme show ya.



I am so deeply in love with the wall tile that I wish I could put it everywhere.  We have a new toilet, and a new vanity picked out. Once it’s done, you are all welcome to do your business in there.


Be Fun

A few months ago, when I started Suburban Fervor, my goal was to just better my life and keep track of it here.  Being 23, I assumed a better life had to do with work, health and home and I was right to a degree. What I was forgetting was the fun part. I’M 23 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. I need to stop living like I’m 43.  I can’t forget that this is the time to have adventures and to make memories that aren’t all weddings and babies and careers.  So like all 23 year old girls, I started pinning. I literally have a Pinterest board called “Be Fun.” Yeah, I’m that girl.  Just love me.

So I went to dinner and a play on Tuesday night and stayed out past my bedtime. Sounds tame, but for me that’s wild. I’m still a work in progress. I made a date night jar for the sole purpose of spicing up my life.  I love a good night of reality tv and leftovers as much as the next girl, but sometimes I need a little excitement! I need something new. Perhaps a road trip or a vacation to the northwest or super north (Canada) or super south (Belize).

I’m not married, no kids, and my job is pretty flexible. HOWEVER, I need a little help. Boring little Katie has a hard time with thinking up fun crap to do. What do you do for fun? How do you keep life interesting? Tell me!


That’s a feeling I don’t want you to feel! I know I’ve been away from Suburban Fervor for far too long (a month!) and I’m super sorry. However, I have some news. It’s a long story but it ends with my friend and I starting a collaborative blog together. I was telling her about my newfound obsession with Pinterest so she had the idea to make that obsession work for us. Let me present to you:


I’m pretty proud of the header, I made it in Adobe Illustrator and it actually looks like real things in the real world! Please enjoy our DAILY posts and our weekly contributors. So far, it’s been pretty fun and I hope you enjoy it. I will still be updating SF now that we’ve gotten Pintertesting up and running.