Cleaning Out My Carpets

I couldn’t resist a good Eminem reference, sorry. The title is eerily accurate though.  Yesterday I rented a RugDoctor steam cleaner from my local grocery store because the carpets in my house are startlingly disgusting. In light of a few recent happenings in my boyfriend’s family’s lives, we just can’t afford to do new floors for a while.  At first, this was distressing to me. The carpets in my house would reduce Martha Stewart to tears, I’m sure. But, being the take charge kind of person I am, I decided to grab a RugDoctor and see what I could do.

First I vacuumed the house about 4 times. I didn’t want to waste any of my time with the RugDoctor sucking up dog hair. I think you just need to see the pictures. I wasn’t shocked about how dirty the carpets were, but I was shocked about how much cleaner they actually got. The RugDoctor was worth every cent of the $28 I paid to have it for a day.

The stain in the middle is actually what the entire area to the left looked like.
The stained area on the bottom right of the photo is actually my entryway.
The black stripe on the right is what the whole area looked like. It has since been removed.

These pictures are both befores and afters. I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined I could have gotten as much dirt out of the carpets as I did. There were stains that I’ve tried almost everything on to no avail that are now gone.  I’m tempted to rent it again this coming weekend and see how much more I can get out.  The High Traffic spray that we bought along with the regular cleaner was amazing. The entryway and first floor hallway were practically black and now they are starting to resemble their correct color.

I also cleaned our upstairs hallway and it got every mysterious stain out. I didn’t get to the stairs or the bedrooms this time, but I plan to soon. Everyone in the house was amazed by the transformation. I would highly recommend doing this at least once a year even if your carpets aren’t as disgusting as mine. This is what we were left with when the previous tenant moved out. He literally never cleaned anything. I just want that to be perfectly clear. We didn’t gross up this house.


2 thoughts on “Cleaning Out My Carpets

  1. I highly recommend spending $150 to $200 on your own carpet steamer rather than renting the Rug Doctor at your grocery store. You’ll get so much use out of it that it’ll be totally worth the price. I like having it on hand because I can pull it out and immediately clean up any spills before they have time to set in the carpet.

    1. Great minds, Jessica! I recently purchased one from a family friend who was upgrading (they just got a puppy). It was totally worth it.

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