We’re Going Through Changes

A little more than a month ago, we found out our other roommate will be moving out. He moved out over the weekend, and I’m really bummed.  He is so relaxed and just an all around nice guy (and a stellar roommate).  He will be missed. That leaves us with 2 empty bedrooms. I would love a new roommate but I don’t have any homeless friends. For a while we will just be 3 humans and 2 dogs.  This opens up a whole new world for our other rooms. What was going to be a guest room (the smallest bedroom) will now be transitioned into an office and the big bedroom will become a guest room until we get another roomie. My sister is totally content with her apartment-like basement.

I posted this list for the room I imagined as a guest room (updated):

  • Take down blinds and put up some classy window treatments (maybe just curtains)
  • Shampoo the life out of the carpet (he was very clean, but all the carpet in the house is detestable)
  • Take down wallpaper
  • Paint the room something modern and subtle
  • Paint the trim
  • Add storage and furniture
  • Remove wobbly desk
  • Replace/update light fixture
  • Find/make some fun and light art
  • Pray for better flooring under the carpet (unlikely)

It all still applies but the furniture will be different. We have quite the slew of office furniture so we’ll see how I can make it work.

The big bedroom will be a guest room, but it needs a lot of love. Take a look.


The big bedroom deserves a list of its own. Thar she blows:

  • Take down blinds and put up curtains
  • Shampoo carpet
  • Determine scale and solution for possible damaged subfloor (previous tenant let the bathroom on the other side of the adjoining wall leak into the bedroom)
  • Take down wallpaper
  • Paint (put in some effort to tie the whole house palette together)
  • Paint/replace closet built ins
  • Furnish the room
  • Paint trim
  • Get some cute art
  • Come up with a lighting solution (the little bedroom is the only bedroom with a light in the center)
  • Check under carpet for wood floors (unlikely)

It’s hard to tell from the pictures but the room has a fibrous wallpaper that some cats scratched to death. I recently found out my brother is coming to town and I would love to have him stay with us for a few days. Challenge Accepted.


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