4th Anniversary

It all started 47 months ago when we went on our first date. For all you mathmeticians out there, you are right! 4 years = 48 months.  We didn’t go on an actual date until our first monthiversary, if you will. Neither of us can remember where we went for dinner, but we saw the movie Away We Go. It’s a Comedy/Drama/Romance movie starring Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski about a couple who has an unexpected pregnancy.  They travel across the country and to Canada to try to find a place to settle down before they have their baby. We loved it then and we love it now. Why do we love it? It taught us many important lessons.  For example, babies like to breathe and they are good at hiding it.  We have a tradition of watching it every year on our anniversary, but this year I thought we could make a night of it.

We have been planning on a vacation soon so we are pinching our pennies.  My gift to him is an Away We Go night full of home cooked food from the movie and his favorite activity – watching a movie. There may even be some expletives tossed around for good measure.


  • Poutine – a delicious Canadian specialty that consists of fries, gravy and cheese curds. There are many ways to do poutine, but we are going classic. A Canadian guy I met at work told me what kind of gravy to use.
  • Steaks – Because that’s what you eat on classy dates.
  • We were going to have pancakes for dessert, but we got lazy and had a pie his grandma made him. 🙂


We had a nice little night watching our favorite movie and eating terribly prepared steaks. What can I say? Not all my kitchen adventures are home-runs. We had fun.  He even got me an extremely thoughtful gift.


I have worn a Claddagh ring for years, but my cheap tourist shop ring bit the dust earlier this year. He remembered how upset I was to have to stop wearing it and got me a really nice one!  Plus he got my ring size right…hmmm.

Here’s a bonus shot of Frank, who lays in my arms like a baby.



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