I Got The Power

So January has come and gone and to be honest, I don’t really have a specific resolution.  I don’t want to lose this much weight, or save this much money or achieve this particular goal.  I want to just do a generally better job of being me and taking care of my own needs. My sister and I are both doing this and we are calling it our Power Year.

Power Year

Whenever one of us is doing something we probably shouldn’t (like buying a pack of cigarettes or eating a block of cheese) the other kind of yells, “Power YEAR!” It seems obnoxious and maybe rude to yell this at one another, but it’s how we communicate.  For me it has basically involved asking myself, “Do I need this?”  I could be asking about an adorable tchotchke,  a cupcake, a vacation.  I don’t mean that I think having power this year means depriving myself.  I really want to focus on making better decisions for myself across the board.  Yes I want to be healthier, thriftier, and – let’s be honest – skinnier, but I want this year to be about healing my preconceived notions about how much I should eat or how trendy my house should be.  I don’t think this is really measurable, but more of a slow perspective change.

In the past, I would commit to working out everyday or tracking all my meals in LoseIt! and I still would like to be more conscious of those things, but this year I have more room to breathe. Before, I would do really well for a week, maybe 2 and then get mad at myself when I didn’t live up to my own expectations.  Now, if I miss a workout day, I do my best to do something the next day. If I have a calorie rich lunch, I eat smarter at dinner.  I have A cupcake, not 2, but oh man do I savor that cupcake.

Being solely focused on consuming is not healthy for anyone.  Must eat this, must buy that.  It’s causing me a lot of stress.  I am realigning my priorities to focus on relearning and not on achieving.

So here is to 2014, the Power Year.



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