Strike a Pose

I know that most of the people that read this blog have blogs themselves. For that I thank you sincerely. I am more grateful than the acceptable amount of grateful because you read this blog despite the enormous lack of good pictures.  I confessed here that I only have a camera phone to capture all the memories I’m making these days. Well your suffering is about to come to an end. Today I purchased this:


Target is having a big camera sale right now so I jumped at the chance to get something better than what I have. As far as phone cameras go, I have one of the best.  It doesn’t hold a candle to the fancy DSLRs or even a point and shoot though. So I upgraded to the Canon A2300.  It is a 16 megapixel camera  with a wide angle lens. Definitely a step up from my lovely but lacking camera phone.

Here is the cost breakdown:

Original Cost: $179.99

On Sale For: $79.99

With RedCard Debit Card: $75.01

Along with the camera, case, and SD card that are included, I’ll be receiving a $10 Target gift card. Like I wasn’t already addicted to browsing.

Thank you for suffering along with my while I did my best (sometimes) to make my posts look good. Now the real challenge will be to see if I can make them look even better in Photoshop.  Now go get yourself one if you need it!



That’s a feeling I don’t want you to feel! I know I’ve been away from Suburban Fervor for far too long (a month!) and I’m super sorry. However, I have some news. It’s a long story but it ends with my friend and I starting a collaborative blog together. I was telling her about my newfound obsession with Pinterest so she had the idea to make that obsession work for us. Let me present to you:


I’m pretty proud of the header, I made it in Adobe Illustrator and it actually looks like real things in the real world! Please enjoy our DAILY posts and our weekly contributors. So far, it’s been pretty fun and I hope you enjoy it. I will still be updating SF now that we’ve gotten Pintertesting up and running.

Great Minds

…treat windows alike.  Last night on a last minute trip to the bookstore for my sister, I scooped up the long awaited Young House Love book. I thought I might get it for Christmas, but alas I had to buy it for myself.  #bigbaby


I’ve been perusing it all morning and what did I see?  A tip to hang curtains just like I posted here!  Say what? I nearly died. It feels good to know that I did at least one thing right trying to update this crazy townhouse.


I can’t wait to spend my (admittedly ample) free time at work reading it. You can expect some YHL inspired projects to come. Do you read Young House Love?


Guys, I’m really sorry about my photography skills.  To begin with, I am not a super photographer and I don’t have a fancy camera.  The only camera I have is attached to my phone.  Although it’s a good phone camera, it is not a great camera camera. I do have Photoshop CS5 though so there is hope for us. Shall we look back on all my terrible attempts at photography with the hope that I can improve? Let’s.

What a delicious angle!
Who needs to be able to read the words anyway? It’s not like they are the entire point of this post.
Love the washed out background. Avant garde!
Just disgusting.
The inside joke is that I didn’t want you to be able to actually see the lamp.

Thanks for bearing with me.  Maybe this will get better soon. I’m trying!