Modern Conveniences

There are very few kitchen tools that I hold on to for dear life. I have a spoon that I particularly love, my stand mixer,…..large skillet. That’s about it. Until I found this:


My silpat baking sheet may be one of my all time favorite inventions. I use it to bake cookies and roast vegetables. The wonderful thing about it is that nothing sticks to it and to clean it, you just wash with warm soapy water and wipe. No scrubbing, scraping or frustrated drinking involved.

From what (admittedly little) research I have done, silicone bakeware is safe. The only thing to check for would be filler. If you pinch a flat area of the silicone and it shows white, then filler has been used.

So Far So Good

I think the national health intelligence is varied. Some people are health nuts, others frequent fast food restaurants. I think I’m somewhere in between. There have been a few things that I have changed as I’ve gotten older:

  1. Drastically reduced the amount of soft drinks I consume. I am addicted to Diet Coke and I know that I could make better drink choices without sacrificing flavor (which used to be my excuse).
  2. I changed from regular deodorant to Tom’s of Maine aluminum free deodorant.  I read somewhere that the fragrance in other deodorants can interrupt your endocrine system (hormones) and that’s just something I don’t need. Also, the aluminum in antiperspirants clog your pores, enter your body and can mimic estrogen. These things can lead to breast cancer. I decided that I just don’t needs those kinds of risks and I actually like the consistency and smell better than that of my old deodorant so win/win.
  3. I bake everything from scratch, and top those baked goods with frosting from scratch. It started just as a cathartic saturday activity.  Then my aunt sent me an ingredient list for a grocery store cake. Yeah, not pretty so I bake for myself and the people I love.
  4. When I shop, I try to leave with as few receipts as possible.  Some (but not all) receipt paper contains BPA, the same stuff that you can find in plastic.  According to this article, it’s possible that it can cause gasp worthy effects on fetuses and children. No thanks.

I’m by no means someone who completely lives sustainably or even very responsibly.  These are just the few of the things that got me thinking.