Feeling a Little Moody

Between painting the living room, stairs and upstairs hallway and renovating the bathroom, I haven’t had any time to beautify my room.  The ceiling is just orange from nicotine and the once kind of cute country wallpaper has seen better decades. So I lie in bed at night dreaming of an airy, comfortable room that is easy on the eyes. To keep cabin fever at bay, I put together this moodboard on Olioboard, a free moodboard making website.


My room needs some blue and green (my two favorite colors), and some deep wood tones.  I love furniture with clean lines that feels a little tiny bit retro. The bed in the mood board is similar to what I am looking for: upholsterd, no footboard and wide sideboards. Right now we only have one bedside table that I’ve managed to cover with books, a jewelry box, a lamp, a box of sewing stuff, and half a dozen stretched out hair ties. Let’s not even talk about the state of my desk.

Unlike all those posh pictures in magazines with beds with white duvets, I like my comforter to be the star. I have a duvet from Ikea that they don’t make anymore, but I love it. It’s bold, fresh and has all my favorite colors in it. So far, it’s the only thing in my room I like other than my brand new fluffy Target pillows.  I’d like to bring in some new curtains, a few pillows and a nice rug to spice up the room.

To continue with the spicing, I have been looking around for some interesting, but cheap artwork.  Nothing too huge or stuffy.  We like graphic and nature inspired up in here. Right now we have our initials hanging above 0ur bed.  I printed off some cute monogram samples and slapped an ampersand up there. Imagine this, but framed and on a wall. A & K. I’ll post a picture one day.

The moodboard is just here to give me hope that one day I’ll have a room that I love that I’m not afraid to show my friends.


Butt Hurt

You’ve all been sitting on pins and needles waiting to find out what paint color we settled on in this post, right?  Da-da-da-da! Dusky Blue aka the one on the left.


We thought the other color, Heavenly Blue, was too baby-blue-in-your-face. We wanted something toned down, and relaxing.  When the paint dried it kind of took us by surprise because it was much brighter than we had anticipated.  It makes me feel pretty good about dodging the Heavenly Blue bullet because that would have been offensively bright. The cool part of it is that the nice blue makes the white trim and the dark wood doors POP.


We bought the big 5 gallon bucket because we are painting the biggest areas of our house. I did not anticipate it being such a mess. Obviously we missed something.


We still need to paint the stairwell and the upstairs hallway (scary tall ladders, ahoy!), but after that the next step is to organize and hang all of our pictures and art to make it feel like a homey home. I simply can’t wait. Maybe if I’m really lucky, I’ll have new floors by the summer. Oh, and about the title. If you are ever painting and need to use a stool or chair, alternate which leg you use to stand up on it. It’s a great gluteal workout, but I accidently only used the same leg again and again. Obviously I didn’t notice until the next day. No pain, no gain.

Are you working on any major changes in your home?