Taking Stock.

While I was pulling out my Christmas decorations this year, I realized that we have two new additions to our little family. Last year around this time, there were only four of us living en mi casa.  Me, my man, and our two roomies.  Three days before Christmas, we adopted Loki and over the summer we adopted (or took in) my sister. I pulled out our Christmas stockings and knew that it was time to craft a few new ones. Before I get into it, “craft” is a word I’m using liberally. You’ll see.

I went to Target and picked up two more of these $1 stockings they have. 


I whipped out my Gold Glitter Puffy Paint from last year. (I’m shocked I found it too)


I gave it a little test run to make sure it wasn’t gummed up with any sparkly debris.

post it

Then I carefully penned their names on the cuff just like the others.


The original four are scribed with our nicknames mostly because I thought it would be more fun that way. And it is. Hence the Becca Boo. Mine says Kuh-tee. This project was just something festive that we could do without breaking the bank.  Obviously, you could do a lot more or differently depending on your taste and skill level.  Maybe next year I’ll break out a new design? At $1 per stocking, that’s not a big deal.

What holiday DIY projects have you tackled/want to tackle?


My Shame

We have covered that I live in a townhouse with 4 other people and a dog.  We don’t have a ton of in-the-house storage space and for some stupid reason we don’t  use the crawlspace. But we should. We really need to. Here’s why:


That’s our basement closet and currently the only place we store any seasonal/large/stuff we can’t think about right now. There are empty boxes, beds, holiday decor, sewing materials, golf clubs, wallpaper rolls and who knows what else in there. I have a bed frame that I just didn’t put back together when I moved in. I know I should just put it together and then my room would look like a semi-adult lives in there instead of a teenage boy. We keep the empty boxes because one day we will move and then we’ll have the box all this crap came in. It’s just our dumping ground.

Ok, that sounds redonk, but I wasn’t the one who decided that. So I’m on a mission to clean it out. So I can put up my Christmas tree. Sometime before Christmas would be nice.

Weekend Round Up

Here I am. Yes, I’m alive! I had a nice Thanksgiving that reminded me why I’m thankful for my family and thankful I moved out. We went with a non-dramatic no-one-has-to-cook option this year and headed north to this lovely resort.  After a few days of gluttony, eyeing the elliptical with rancor, and laughing it up with my fam, I was ready for a quiet few days at home to unwind before the ever-looming Monday arrived.

Then I got the itch to do something productive.  God knows why. So I snatched my boyfriend away from his precious football to go Christmas decoration shopping with me.  I prefer to not purchase new things every year for every holiday because it’s just not practical. However, we didn’t do outside decorations last year because buying our tiny tree was about all we had the money for. So this year we got lights and a wreath. We may end up getting a few more net lights to cover some naked bushes. Check it.


We have this rickety old wooden ladder left to us by the previous tenant that my man refused to let me climb (despite the fact I’ve probably been on infinitely more ladders than he has). Adorbs. Yeah, I said adorbs, just love me.  Those are supposed to be icicle lights, but they seemed to be pretty tightly wound in the box.  We are hoping the icicles just fall after some time being hung = too lazy to break out the ladder to force them into the right shape.

Oh yeah, see my wreath?  Here’s a close up. 


I love this wreath so hard. We found the Christmas section at our local Target and I did briefly fall in love with a wreath of ornaments, but we couldn’t agree on which color(s) so when I saw this I tossed our compromise back to its shelf and snagged this little beaut. I’m going to try to bring in some cranberry garland to our house to pull the wreath and everything together.

My boyfriend did complain that we were decorating too early.  Then we pulled up to our house and our neighbor was stringing lights across  his garage. And our other neighbor. I don’t think it’s too early because, quite frankly, I don’t want to be out there in the snow struggling to get it done. We felt so great once it was all hung and lit.  Kind of like we were going to be good adults one day. One day.

Suburban Fervor Profile: Loki

Not to sound too hipstery but I named my dog Loki before it was cool. Just in case you were wondering, he also goes by Loks, Pupperoni, Sausage, Sauce, and my personal favorite, Saucy. He will answer to all of them usually with an exuberant look that says, “You love me! You really do love me!” Every time.

I received Loki as a gift last Christmas from my boyfriend. He got me in the car and said he couldn’t tell me where we were going. It was a surprise. Then he pulls into a shelter and I basically lost it. He told me that he and my roommates decided we could get a cat, so I could choose whichever cat I wanted. Silly boys.

We went to the cat room and they had a pair of all black kittens, which my boyfriend and I are both suckers for because our childhood cats were all black. I was overwhelmed by the cats. I can’t tell what makes a good cat from just seeing for a few moments. They all want to get out of their cages so they all pander to you. I don’t blame them.

I asked my boyfriend if we could just take a look at the dogs. He reluctantly agreed and off we went. At this point I burst into tears. Now, anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not a crier. I was just so sad for these dogs that wanted to come home with me and be in our family. ALL OF THEM. So we walked down the cages and this face looked up at me.


What was I supposed to do? You can’t say no to that. I asked a shelter person if I could take him for a walk to the dog run and see how he liked us. We were instantly smitten. He was a good walker and gentle and the perfect size for us.


Next came telling the roommates that I had my heart set on a dog. The word traitor was thrown around. There was much grumbling and resistance. Then they set eyes on him and they were ready to dash out the door, dog in hand. You think I am exaggerating, but I assure you it was love at first sight. So we took him to the dog run again to they could interact with him and the practically admonished me for making them wait any longer to take him home.


He came home with us that night and has been our perfect match ever since. He takes treats so gently, he rarely barks, he cuddles, he likes kids, he never has accidents, and I’m fairly certain he thinks he is human. He is my baby Loks.