Cleaning Out My Carpets

I couldn’t resist a good Eminem reference, sorry. The title is eerily accurate though.  Yesterday I rented a RugDoctor steam cleaner from my local grocery store because the carpets in my house are startlingly disgusting. In light of a few recent happenings in my boyfriend’s family’s lives, we just can’t afford to do new floors for a while.  At first, this was distressing to me. The carpets in my house would reduce Martha Stewart to tears, I’m sure. But, being the take charge kind of person I am, I decided to grab a RugDoctor and see what I could do.

First I vacuumed the house about 4 times. I didn’t want to waste any of my time with the RugDoctor sucking up dog hair. I think you just need to see the pictures. I wasn’t shocked about how dirty the carpets were, but I was shocked about how much cleaner they actually got. The RugDoctor was worth every cent of the $28 I paid to have it for a day.

The stain in the middle is actually what the entire area to the left looked like.
The stained area on the bottom right of the photo is actually my entryway.
The black stripe on the right is what the whole area looked like. It has since been removed.

These pictures are both befores and afters. I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined I could have gotten as much dirt out of the carpets as I did. There were stains that I’ve tried almost everything on to no avail that are now gone.  I’m tempted to rent it again this coming weekend and see how much more I can get out.  The High Traffic spray that we bought along with the regular cleaner was amazing. The entryway and first floor hallway were practically black and now they are starting to resemble their correct color.

I also cleaned our upstairs hallway and it got every mysterious stain out. I didn’t get to the stairs or the bedrooms this time, but I plan to soon. Everyone in the house was amazed by the transformation. I would highly recommend doing this at least once a year even if your carpets aren’t as disgusting as mine. This is what we were left with when the previous tenant moved out. He literally never cleaned anything. I just want that to be perfectly clear. We didn’t gross up this house.

My Shame

We have covered that I live in a townhouse with 4 other people and a dog.  We don’t have a ton of in-the-house storage space and for some stupid reason we don’t  use the crawlspace. But we should. We really need to. Here’s why:


That’s our basement closet and currently the only place we store any seasonal/large/stuff we can’t think about right now. There are empty boxes, beds, holiday decor, sewing materials, golf clubs, wallpaper rolls and who knows what else in there. I have a bed frame that I just didn’t put back together when I moved in. I know I should just put it together and then my room would look like a semi-adult lives in there instead of a teenage boy. We keep the empty boxes because one day we will move and then we’ll have the box all this crap came in. It’s just our dumping ground.

Ok, that sounds redonk, but I wasn’t the one who decided that. So I’m on a mission to clean it out. So I can put up my Christmas tree. Sometime before Christmas would be nice.

Where’s That Duct?

Blog post title brought to you by a crude joke my brother makes.

A Brief History of My House:

  • Built in 1976
  • Not sure who the first owner was.
  • First occupant I know of was my boyfriend’s Grandmother. Apparently a sweet woman with a smoking habit. And 2 cats.
  • After she passed, a friend of my boyfriend’s family moved in. Hoarder with a cat. I can not make this up. I’m not sure how long he lived there, maybe about 5 years, but it was long enough to completely ruin the house.

Fun Facts:

  • When I first saw the inside of the house, the tenant said he had “cleaned out half of his stuff” but I could barely walk through it.
  • There is a corner of our living room we don’t go near. It’s called Cat Pee Corner.
  • You can see where the steam from my shower has steamed off nicotine stains from my bedroom ceiling.
  • The light covers in the basement shown a dim yellow color from all the mouse waste.

These are all fun facts about what you can see and smell my lovely home. What about what you are breathing? Kind of a big deal. I vacuum and air it out as best I can, but I can’t climb into the ducts like a ninja and clean them. So we called some professionals.  I found a deal on Groupon for a company called Green Heat.  There were two options and, feeling ritzy/terrified of our air, we chose the expensive $69 option.  My boyfriend bought the Groupon, called the company and scheduled a visit. 

Apparently, our filthy ducts were too much for their normal tools so they had to bring out the big guns, so to speak.


They also inspected and cleaned our furnace and oiled it or something. I wasn’t there so I’m going by my boyfriend’s account of things. Then they offered to kill the bacteria in our ducts with some organic spray or something. My boyfriend also purchased a new reuseable filter from them.

They also broke one of our light fixtures for which they discounted the price by $50. I told my boyfriend to see if they could do better, and another $50 was taken off. They also almost left without cleaning our dryer vent, which is the only difference in the Groupon options. Total cost of our $69 ($518 value) Groupon?


Evidentally, they had to do a “deep clean” as opposed to the normal cleaning they do. Also, whatever work they did on the furnace costs extra as does the new filter. The real killer is that they took off $100 from the original bill because we bought the Groupon. I’m sorry, but these numbers just aren’t lining up. I paid $69 for them to clean my vents, deodorize the air, clean my dryer vent and inspect my furnace. Plus $75 for a new filter. I should be paying $144. Was my boyfriend duped? Did they upsell the original upseller?

I might call them to have the charges explained to me because I’m insane like that. I don’t think $650 is too much to pay to breath a little easier, especially after the horrendous air history this house has had. It’s the principle of the thing. Saving $200 (partly because of their mistake) is not the same as saving $499. 

I’m a little torn. From what my boyfriend describes, they pulled a wildebeast out of our vents.  They also changed the charges A LOT.

What would you do?