Baby Steps

I am a fledgling adult. I know this. At 23, I have no expectations for myself than to do my best to be open to learning. Being ambitious is a part of it. I know that some of you are in the same boat and some of you (bravo!) are ahead of me. I’m seriously jealous of you. I posted before about doing some Marathon Cooking, and I was pretty darn ambitious. Then I got sidetracked, and then I got sick. Life happens, I know, but I still got pretty down because not only did I want to share the experience but I wanted to know I could do it. 

So, like I mentioned here, I got to shopping. Problem is that I can’t find tomatillos. Que lastima. Also, for some ungodly reason, the second I walk into a grocery store I completely forget I need potatoes. WHY? Despite my difficulties in having a memory or specialty produce selection, I did a little baby half marathon cooking. One afternoon of cooking got me 3 meals. I’d say pretty good meals too. I went ahead and my the Andouille Sausage/Pinto Bean Stew and the Baked Penne with Chicken and Sun-Dried Tomatoes. The stew was delicious. So delicious in fact that I don’t have a picture because I was preoccupied cooking and it’s all gone now. The Penne was awesome (I used an insane amount of mushrooms in it-heaven) and the recipe is specifically written so you cook one and freeze one for later. Love it.


So despite my Sunday falling short of the epic proportions (portion pun intended), I still consider it a success. We are still eating and I still get to go home and relax over a bowl of penne.


The Best Laid Plans

This week life has been happening all over the place. It’s getting to the point that I’m putting real weight on the saying, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

My plans for Saturday:

  • Go grocery shopping
  • Start prepping and doing some cooking related to my previous post
  • Enjoy the beautiful fall weather


My Saturday reality:

  • Wake up to an empty house (except sleeping boyfriend), meaning no cars to take me to the grocery store
  • Call my mom, who has my sister/roomie. Mom begs me to come over. *sigh* Ok
  • Have my entire day hijacked by my mom and sister
  • Get home wiped out, but with renewed relish to grocery shop the next day


My plans for Sunday:

  • Go grocery shopping
  • Go to the pumpkin patch with my 2-year-old cousin (the only child in the world that doesn’t overflow with glee at the very sight of me) without the rest of my family (who he adores above me)
  • Cook like a maniac


My Sunday reality:

  • Go to the pumpkin patch with my little cousin, my mother, my sister/roomie, and my baby sister. Guess who my baby cousin wanted nothing to do with? Yeah. Me.
  • Day sucked away by other people’s plans
  • Get returned home with no way to get to the grocery store
  • Mope, eat donuts


In other news, I have a new niece. This adorbs little tiny human has had a tough week and it has weighed on all of our minds. She deserves her little one-week old privacy, but if you could keep her in your thoughts/prayers, I would really appreciate it.

Quick update on the bloggy blog: Check out the new tab at the top of the page. I am now available to receive your emails!

Don’t give up hope on the Marathon Cooking because it’s GONNA HAPPEN. Everyone in my house is on board and thrilled so we are all motivated.

Marathon Cooking

Tonight, I’m grocery shopping. I know, hold the presses! This seemingly mundane task is the beginning of an experiment. We eat out a lot at my house. That’s money down the drain, and I don’t like money in my plumbing. To remedy this, I’m going to try to cook a week’s worth of dinners in one weekend in an attempt to eat healthier and cheaper. That’s 7 meals in 2 days. Maybe that doesn’t sound like a lot of work but it is. A frick ton. In my mind, make ahead meals are all casseroles. Apparently, they are also hearty soups.

Here’s the proposed line-up:

  1. Black Bean Mushroom Chili
  2. Pinto Bean and Andouille Sausage Stew
  3. Loaded Twice Baked Potatoes
  4. Lasagna
  5. Broccoli Cheese Chowder
  6. Baked Penne with Chicken and Sun-dried Tomatoes

I’ll be doing the shopping tonight and probably doing most of the cooking tomorrow. Let’s see how actual meal planning goes.

Do you think I’m crazy? Have you ever done any marathon cooking?