Modern Conveniences

There are very few kitchen tools that I hold on to for dear life. I have a spoon that I particularly love, my stand mixer,…..large skillet. That’s about it. Until I found this:


My silpat baking sheet may be one of my all time favorite inventions. I use it to bake cookies and roast vegetables. The wonderful thing about it is that nothing sticks to it and to clean it, you just wash with warm soapy water and wipe. No scrubbing, scraping or frustrated drinking involved.

From what (admittedly little) research I have done, silicone bakeware is safe. The only thing to check for would be filler. If you pinch a flat area of the silicone and it shows white, then filler has been used.

Breaking It Up

This morning in my hurry to get out the door, I grabbed a big brand cereal bar for breakfast. It was only 90 calories, so why do I feel guilty? Although it contains whole grains, it also contains BHA.  It’s a possible carcinogen.

I didn’t know it is added to mass produced baked goods to prevent spoiling. These bars are so easy, though! I’m not a morning person at all, so preparing breakfast in the morning isn’t going to happen. My plan of attack is to make my own. My aunt gave me a ludicrous amount of oatmeal so I think that will be the base.

I’m going to research a few recipes and see what I can do. Everyone in the house eats them, so I’ll be doing us all a favor.