Down With the Sickness Part Deux

For the last 8 days I’ve been battling a terrible enemy. Ok…maybe I’m a big baby. I don’t take sickness well because I am never sick so I don’t know how to deal. However, being forced to sound like an octogenarian chain smoker AND a receptionist is kind of frustrating. I had to learn to deal. I know, you guys, my life is rough.

My dealings have mainly surrounded this baby beaut.


Yeah, little tiny teapot. Oh, how I love it. That’s two cups of piping hot tea to smooth out the gravel sound coming from my mouth. As you can see there is a little strainer that sits in the water to steep the tea, and I also add a lemon wedge to it. Pour it over some honey and it really does the trick. I almost sound normal.

Knock off Dayquil and cough drops (thank the world for cough drops) have really tamped out the rest of the symptoms. I do know that I couldn’t have have made it to work without my delicious, reviving tea.


Do you have a customary hot beverage that heals you (body or soul)?