Lessons Learned

The powder room is well under way. I don’t know why I get motivated to do one project then in the middle I feel the need to start another one. For example:

Powder room  >>  guest room  >>  office  >>  back to powder room

I recently finished laying the floor tile in the powder room and I even learned how to grout! (My aunt has been guiding me through this entire project so I’m also working on her schedule) Taking pictures of the smallest room in the house is really hard so bear with me.

All the floor tiles in place!
Tile with grout.

I know it’s hard to see the difference in the pictures because the grout color seems so dark. This was taken while the grout was still wet and since it’s mostly dry now it has lightened up.  In real life, it matches the gray tones in the wall tile perfectly and ties the wall and the floor together.  Grouting wasn’t as difficult to do as I had thought. I imagined mixing up grout from a bag and having to subjectively guess what the consistency of peanut butter is.  It was a messy job and the size of the room didn’t help, but with my aunt’s guiding hand, I got the grout in.

Tonight Alex and I will be installing the toilet together which is like the blind leading the blurry, but pay that no mind!  We have been without a toilet on the first floor for too long. Installing a toilet is supposed to be really simple so I am sure with a little Youtubing and calling my dad we will be able to manage.

This is our to do list:

  • Demo the bathroom
  • Lay floor tile
  • Lay wall tile (80% done)
  • Install new toilet
  • Install new vanity and sink
  • Paint
  • Update the light fixture

I’m feeling really confident with the choices I’ve made so far (vanity and sink are already picked out), but I’m not sure where to go with the paint color. I think a dark, moody greige would give it the look I want, but it’s such a tiny room with no natural light that I am afraid to go too dark. We shall see. I just want you all to rest with the notion that I won’t have to scale a flight of stairs just to visit the loo anymore.