Lemme Upgrade You Part 2

In the continuous effort to bring my 1970’s townhome into the 20th century, I started to change the electrical outlets and lightswitches.

Here is a pretty shotty photo to compare what we had to what we will soon have.


I can’t tell if that bottom color was intentional or nicotine induced. Either way it has to go. Electrical work is far outside my field of expertise, but with some online and some offline advice and instruction I installed a working lightswitch! I’m feeling pretty great right now despite the fact I know this isn’t really all that hard. To me, it is an accomplishment.

Lemme Upgrade You Part 1


Look at that raspberry beaut! I recently acquired two of these Lifefactory water bottles for beverage pleasure. Why? Well first, it’s made of glass (no BPA, no chemicals of any kind leeching into my water all day). Second, check out that silicone sleeve. Great for grippin and sippin and will prevent breakage partially. Plus they are adorbs. I also got the turquoise.

So far, I have really enjoyed them. The wide mouth makes it easy to add ice and the cap is comfortable to use for carrying. The variety of colors means anyone can find one they like. Also, maybe someone who has a hard time gripping bottles would find this handy. And guess what! Lifefactory makes little baby bottles too, that you can convert to sippys with a change of cap (I think).

All in all, very versatile. Definitely an upgrade.