Independent Pork

Sundays are football day in my house. This means the living room is taken over by my roommates, boyfriend and his dad for what seems like forever, but is something like 6 1/2 hours.  Sitting around and staring at fantasy scores seems to take a lot out of them (including manners). So, in all of my womanly kindness I decided to make them something every man loves. Pork.

Of the pulled variety.

The night before I drove out to my local grocery store and picked up a nice 5 lb pork shoulder and DEBONED IT MYSELF because the butcher had left the store. I rubbed it with a recipe I found online. I let it soak into the pork overnight and popped it in the oven to slowly roast for 6 hours.


By the time it was done and we had let it rest, people (my sister) were chomping at the bit to get some. The rub itself had bite to it, but just in case someone wanted more flavor and spice, we grabbed some all natural BBQ sauce.


Everyone loved it. The pork fell apart and was extremely flavorful. I felt like a real grown up who doesn’t need to but premade pulled pork from the grocery store.   I’m just saying that learning to do these things was not as hard as I had envisioned.  Cooking, at least from a recipe, is no different than following the instructions for a homework assignment.  The cooking is not that hard for me, but the home improvement is definitely a struggle. It’s completely outside my comfort zone but I’m still trying! Updates to come.


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